Pressing on.

Holidays are not for the mentally ill.  All the change in routine, the extra people, the money management, the sugar, the shortening days.  It’s maddening for the perfectly sane.

I thrive in ordinary time, days well guarded by white space and rhythm.

I find respite in Advent calendars.  Tiny doors and boxes opened one day at a time, in linear progression, moving forward in time toward a magnificent goal — the celebration of the Incarnate Deity, and lengthening days.

In November, I start with the lists — I write out every special meal, party, church service, play date, shopping trip, and phone call I will have to make for the month of December.  Then I fill in as much normal activity as I possibly can.  I highlight the mundane days, the totally normal trips to the grocery store, the daily trek to the YMCA.  I do my best to keep my head down, and plow ahead in faith.


2 thoughts on “Pressing on.

  1. oooh – what’s that a picture of? Is it an advent calendar where you pull stuff out to make a nativity? It looks SUPER cool! Can’t seem to make it bigger to see… is it yours? Where did you get it? SO many questions 🙂

    1. Karen, I know this is from what feels like forever ago, but I wanted to answer! It is our Advent calendar. I filled it with pieces of a Playmobil nativity set. I bought the actual calendar box thing at Target years and years ago. I just wanted to do something other than candy. It ended up being a major highlight of Advent and Christmas this year! The girls loved it, and Bea is just old enough to appreciate the mystery, the suspense of what’s coming next.

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