And so it begins/ends…


Here you see the guts of my former kitchen. Note the green/black marbled linoleum, the FOURTH variety of linoleum I’ve found in this house this far. I choose not to post photos of those due to the high concentration of 40 year old rodent feces. You’re welcome! (Not the feces of 40 year old rodents, which I think might be photo worthy.)

I want to come back.

But I really don’t know how. Not in a tormented existential way, but in a technical, I can’t remember how to even login so I’m typing this from the app on my phone sort of way.

In the meantime, I’ll tell you this:

1. I’m 6.5 months pregnant with baby girl brown number three!

2. My kitchen/dining/playroom/laundry room are about to be ripped to shred and rebuilt into something wonderful after a four year delay.

3. I drive a minivan and it’s not even ironic.

4. Some jerk busted the window out of my brand new minivan at 10:30 am on a sunny morning at the playground the other day and stole my purse. In my purse was my beloved personal size Filofax. I am having a hard time getting over it.

5. It’s fall, so I’ve been mostly depressed since the last part of September, except for that week I sent myself into hypomania by abusing a light box. Whoops!

6. Despite about four billion interruptions, homeschooling is going strong. I attribute this mostly to the fact that my kids are awesome geniuses and I’m good at buying books.

If I ever figure out how to get back here again, I’ll tell you more about all of these things. It’ll be fun. And help me stay sane while my house is destroyed. Maybe. Probably not.