Lights are on, but no one’s home.

So, I keep waiting for something beautiful and interesting to come out of this commitment to show up on the internet every day, but perhaps my expectations are a little unrealistic for 38 weeks pregnant?  While I’m extremely appreciative of all the hard work my brain is doing right now, what with it’s regulating the survival of not one but two human beings all inside the same skin, I can’t help but feel a little…understaffed.  My brain just can’t get shit done anymore:

  • I call my kids by the wrong name now (there are only two!).
  • I put dirty dishes in the refrigerator instead of the dishwasher.
  • I go to the grocery store and stand in every aisle for what has to be ten minutes just trying to remember what the heck I’m looking for and there’s a list in my hand.
  • I had to draw a picture for my daughter the other day because I couldn’t remember the word spatula or think of any way to describe it.

And it’s not just my brain.  The rest of my body is having a rough go, too:

  • I can no longer get into or out of pants by myself.
  • I seriously considered just going to bed with my three year old last night because she asked me for a hug and I obliged only to realize that I could not extract myself from the bottom bunk.
  • I had a dream recently that I was a dresser (as in chest of drawers) with a head.  I had to meet my husband in an enchanted garden (naturally), but when I moved, my side to side dresser-like lumber dug up all the plants.  THIS IS HOW I WALK IN REAL LIFE.


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