Drugs and babysitters.

March 11, 2015 § 1 Comment

I keep trying to talk about what I’m doing to get well.

I want to get well.

I wake up every morning hopeful…

That’s a lie.

I wake up every morning.

I am tempted to write something pretty and inspirational to calm the fears of people who love me, who need my family well and together.  I want to assure them that I haven’t completely lost my mind.

But I have.  I have completely lost my mind.

You’re worried about my back — I have forgotten about it.  I have lost my mind.

But yes. Yes, I am going to find it.  Eventually.  Maybe.

I do have plans to find it.

And that is proof that I am going to be okay, that I am doing the right work.

  1. I want to get better.
  2. I wake up every morning.
  3. I have plans.


My in house physicians. How could I not get well!?


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§ One Response to Drugs and babysitters.

  • Oh dear, friend. I was feeling similarly these past few weeks, and I wonder if it’s in the air. I hate that this is happening to you and wish we were there to help. Much much love.

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