I will blog when…

I get all my photos uploaded from my phone.
I make enough space on my computer for all the photos from my phone.
I find the right blogging app.
I become a computer genius.
I overcome my fear of man.

I have everyone’s health under control.
I get the meal plan figured out.
I clean out the refrigerator.
The laundry is put away.

The garden is in.
The harvest is put up.
The fences are mended.
The animals are fed.
I know what the hell I’m doing.

I get the school schedule figured out.
Everyone adjusts to the time change.
We get through this developmental stage.
I learn the next parenting skill.
I finish reading this stack of books.
My spiritual discipline is rock solid.

I’m working out consistently.
I’m doing anything consistently.
My back feels better.
I’m taking my vitamins.
My hair is clean.
I’m not so tired all the time.

I have only nice things to say.
I’m not a hypocrite.

I’m dead.

One thought on “I will blog when…

  1. Ha, ha … ha, ha, ha, ha, ha …

    I have FINALLY looked up your blog — six months AFTER WOTS! I am delighted to find a piece in which you have recorded a fine and long list of all the things that we think we must do before we will blog/write. My website remains a barren template, but I have just written a piece similar in nature to yours. It originally started out memoir on the closing of the Two Bells Tavern, a home to artists, writers and spoken-word performances in the ’80s and ’90s. It ended up being a “Dressay” (dream essay) that asks how it is the Two Bells can be gone and I HAVEN’T FINISHED A SINGLE PIECE OF PROSE?

    Cydney Gillis

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